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Power & Energy

Delightful Solutions from Neev International.

Farming n Rural Infrastructure

Rural Infrastructure and farming Delgihtfully to you.

Construction & Building

Safety in Construciton. Safety Audits. Contractor Help to create building and malls.

Architecture & Design Work

Ready to make use of Architect Drawings and Design with us.

Inspection and Audits

Inspection and Quality Audits at lowest of Price.

Oil & Gas

Quantity Survey and Mechanical Works. Commissioning and recommissioning. Mechanical Inspection and Civil Inspection.

Our Core Services

Material Engg. and Testing

Test for Mechanical, Civil Engineeing, Architect and Engineering at same time..

Oil & Gas

Industrial Design for most of Industries

Civil nd Mechanical Engg.

Survey, Engineering, Testing, Inspection, Quality. Safety much more


Rearch Innovate Design Quality is our company motto.

Steel Cladding n Pre Fab Building

Strive to give a Quality Product.

Power & Energy

Renewable,Hydro power, Natural Recycle, Nuclear Power,Solar Power. Solutions and full consultants.

Question & Answer

Do you need best people?

We employ high quality Manpower.Chartered Accountants, Lawyers are part of our team besides Architects and Engineers

Do you need best consultant?

Experience plus practical approach.A blend of senior and qualified people with us.

Do you need Quality with safety?

Quality and Safety is our principle.

Do you want your work to be done?

With proper equipments and detailed services catalouge as above.Your work is done.Sleep is assured.

Little know how on our services.

Inspection and Audit

Get a detailed inspection done. Best Audit is upon us.

Contractor Help

Contractors can use our services. We help all construction, Building, Infrastructure and Energy Contractors..

Project Management

Save your money and time. We shall endeavour to give best services to manage projects.

Pre Fab and Pre Cast Products

From support in design to plan and implment best quality assured.

Material Testing

We test all Civil,Mechanical and Relevant Materials. Our labotary test give you confidence to use.

Recycled and New Energy

Get support for all Nuclear,Hydropower,Renewable and Recyled Energy. The best with class..