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Valuation,Surveying,Engineering and Architecture for you involving. Construction, Power, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Industries, Buildings,Roads, Bridges, Tunnels,Exports, Licensed Valuer, Survey.A project management and engineering consultancy plus service providers. Neev is both consultant and contractor in Survey works, Valuation, Portacabin design and installation. Interior design, Exterior Desgin. Call Neev to do makeover of your house. Call Neev to build a road. Call Neev to lay down a Power station. Share your dreams bring them to reality with Neev. 

Just click on Buy online above. Your Billing is done. done by Neev.

Small dreams and Big Dreams. Everyone has some dream.
The term PMC , EPC, BOT, Turn Key is related with Neev. All kinds of Designing in CAD, REVIT, Strucuters in Shop interior. Restaurant on Portacabin. Our services are cost effective. We are the only one who export Agricultural Oils for medicinal and fuel usage. Best Quality all times.With our mentors having more than 30 years of experiecne we have both warmth and grith in our organisation.

  •      One point shop for multiple services. Cost effective and demand fullfillment
  •      Leveraging from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue-generating opportunities: Engineering & Architect (E&A), project consulting, project management, Engineering & Procurement (E&P), and Engineering & Construction (E&C). Legal Services, Legal Adherence, Lawful and verified. All Orders.
  •     The right management team, with strong founda

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