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Few words about Neevinternational


Quality in everything we do

             Dreams are very inspiring. Give us your dreams. We will return them. Professionals from varied ways of life form NeevInternational LLP.  Neev provides solutions free from Government or Corporate pressures. Neev is formed with a spirit of promoting unique professional services with outstanding quality, by providing a wide range of solutions to public, private, &  government organizations, R & D Industry,  as well as the small or medium size companies. Our solutions are free and unbiased from Government or corporate pressure.. Though people from IIT, IIM, CA and great lawyers and MBA are a part of Neev. It is just a helping solution to all your needs.

Neev  strives for the utmost  ”Client Satisfaction”. NEEVINTERNATIONAL LLP is a all round service provider, offering multi-discipline consultancy, EPC, and Contracting services.   Our mission objective is to build the Business on a Strong Foundation (Neev) of Trust. Neev is a Consultancy, EPC, Project Management, and Contracting company.


NEEV  offers Ecological services, Ergonomics and Engineering services in Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical engineering. We are a team of experienced professionals in various disciplines, offering Project Management and Consultancy. Our aim & business is Your optimum solution. Satisfaction to you.



Robin Mathew

Robin is MBA plus LLB. Robin looks after admin and legal works at Neev

Stuti Mishra

B.Arch Plus M.Arch final Stuti is good in Design. She is a good Architect

Maulana Maulvi

Maulana Maulvi is B.E. in Civil. He is into Execution past several years

Management Team

Jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma is our Chief Surveyor. He has 16 years with total station and now in LIDAR

Rohit Kapoor

Rohit is into Project Management. Rohit looks after overall activities. Valuation is also done by Rohit.

Vibhor Singh

Vibhor has dual diploma. He is Diploma in Civil and Architect. Vibhor looks both site and design

Anurag V
Sr. Manager

Anurag is into testing. He specializes in testing material. He also looks after equipments.