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Precise Work

Craft work state of the art. From experienced professionals. Best in industry. Few orders taken.

Planning and Execution

Integrated planning.Execution is then implemented Result oriented people. Guarantee of work.

Architects & Engineers

Quality is what we do.Your work in safe hand. Your saftey and security upon us.You are at right place.

Neevinternational relates to Construction of all Roads, Bridges, Power Plant, Malls, Residential, Commercial, Industries, Mining and Tunnel Activities, Pre Tender preparation,Mechanical,Civil, Building Construction, Project Management, Feasibility Study, Construct-ability, Environmental Impact, Geo-technical Investigation, Cost Estimating, Industrial Engineer, Alternative Evaluation, Nuclear, Basis of Design, Specification, Construction Management, Material Testing, Quality Control, Value Engineering, Structural Distress, Rehabilitation, Tunneling, Pavements, negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, construction law, contract law and insurance Mining, Safety Works, Energy Production.  Professionals only. Neev prepares drawing & executes. Full support for all services. Contractors are welcome and we support all contractors and builders.

Neev worldwide offers high-quality service and products that brings smile on people faces. Services in your taste buds. Home for humans not just houses. We make heart move bouncing with the affection and love which you deliver us. Your love is more vital than anything to us. Your love is your dream. At Neev architects and  engineers at the side of first-class professionals work as a team to offer quality design and answers that gives realization and identification to fullfill your dreams.. Neev  keeps the aesthetics of a selected dream. Your job is done as in keeping with your dream. Neev international works with no government corporate or authorities pressures. Quality work is  Neev international. It’s your choice to  realize your dream. Your final destination Neev international. Let us make your dream. Choose from below services at lowest prices in INDIA

Our Core Services. Exclusive quality work with few orders.

Material Engg. & Testing

We provide test services in Civil ,Mechanical industries.Metal work and construction.From start to finish. Full support.

Oil & Energy

Support and full commission support.Oil n Energy industry commissioning. Decommissioning. Full revival and get up as well.

Project Engg. + Consultancy.

Infrastructure or Industrial set up.Ware house, Green house set up. From project to project industrial design and set up.To complete you need us..

Design+ Research

Research Innovate Quality Design.This is our motto. We provide state of art works.

Social and Engineering Survey

Social economic survey. Data analysis. Engineering surveys with total station, laser and LIDAR.

Solution & Renewables

Consultancy plus execution help for solar plant, solid fuels, small recyclic plants. Energy audit. Optimisation.

Discounts and prices with us is nowhere else.!!

Roads Equipment & Software

With Neev construct modern Roads and tunnels. Provide complete solution in road construction. Bridges, Tunnels and more. Submit your need to

Industrial Equipment & Software

From safety and for your safety.Latest Equipment and Software for use in all kinds of Industries. Setup of industry or plant you have got this right. Submit your need to

Building Equipments & Software

For both construction and maintenance. Building Construction Equipment and services are available with us. Audit and revive . Submit your need to

Engineering Equipment & Software

Safety and support.Most widely used in Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Industries. Ask us to give you details. All equipments in Core engineering. Submit your need to

Special Equipment & Software

Safety care or Cranes. Material Teting. Provide you with healthy solution. State of the art equipment and softwares. Submit your need to

Survey Equipment & Software

One can always find the right survey equipment and software with Neevinternational. Submit your need to

Neev International

World over their are humans. Humans have life. City is full of people. It is not a jungle. It is your city and my city too. Let us make a place to live. A child is raised by his parents. Parents put their best for children. For people who are graduates. Who love their parents. For parents who invested in educating their children. For those who do not have a job. For the people who left their job. For people who loose their job. Neev International a chance to live without QUOTA. A fair chance for everyone around the world to live a life. Neev international works without government or corporate pressures. We provide solutions by giving excellent services. Your fair chance to live a normal human life. In this journey of life, for it is only one life. Let us help each other to live a better life. Dreams of politicians and all the dreams seen by a child and his parents are fulfilled with Neev. Neev for government realization to live a normal life. For politicians to make their dreams come true. Let your dreams come true and let everyone gets a fair chance to live from poor to rich. A human life. One life. The jungle is their as environment. People are their to live a sane good quality life.